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The Unallome

Brand Strategy + Branding

Unallome is the perfect address for a sublime yet happening holiday in Goa: a youthful location like no other. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the quaint and idyllic Morjim Village.

In Buddhist tradition, Unalome is a symbol that depicts the path to enlightenment. There are several types of Unalome, one of which is Unalome lotus. The lotus flower represents overcoming adversity on the path to perfection, perfectly merging the meaning of the Unalome itself. The logo symbol was inspired by the terms "unalome" and "lotus," where unalome implies a journey and lotus represents overcoming adversity to achieve perfection.

The flower shape is in a cyclic form to highlight the journey of spirituality, fulfilment and happiness when at the Unallome.

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